Avalon Greene
Full Name

Avalon Victoria Greene


Av (by Halle)



Date of Birth

c. 1997 (age 16)

Resides in

New Jersey, USA


Student, Co-owner of GeeklyChic

Eye Color


Hair Color

Orange Red


Mr. Greene (father)
Mrs. Greene (mother)


Havalon (Best Friends)


Halle Brandon, Jake Logan, Savannah O'Neil, Emma Reynolds, Kendall Brandon


Waterbury High School



Portrayed By

Bella Thorne

Avalon Victoria  Greene is a main character in Frenemies. She co-runs GeeklyChic, a fashion webazine, with Halle Brandon, they both have a passion for fashion. She is classified as "chic", and friends with a geek. She is friends with Savannah O'Neal and Emma Reynolds, and helped them by telling them to switch their lives. When an NYC publishing company is interested in GeeklyChic but only wants one person for the editor position, things get fierce. She is in 9th grade.


Confident, outspoken Avalon has a serious passion for fashion. She is the style genius behind GeeklyChic's fabulous content. When a New York City publishing company is interested in GeeklyChic, but will only hire either her or Halle as editor, she becomes fiercely competitive with her best friend. But Avalon changes the language on Kendall's (Halley's brother), GPS so Halley will be late for the concert and not get the interview.

Memorable Quotes

Avalon: I can't believe we were even BFFs.

Halle: Best friends for never!

[Avalon and Halle scream]

Students: Shh!

Avalon and Halle: Sorry.

Avalon: [to Halle] I can't just help myself. Fashion intervention!

Avalon: [on the phone with Halle] I am excited, so excited!

Avalon: [to Halle] You can't talk the talk.

Halle: [to Avalon] Well, you can't write the write... words.

Relationships Edit

Halle Brandon Edit

Avalon and Halle 8765

Halley and Avalon are best friends. They started GeeklyChic together. They get in a fight over becoming the leader in charge of the magazine.

Savannah O'Neal Edit

Avalon and Savannah are friends. They didn't know each other for most of the movie.

Appearance Edit

  • Avalon-Straight-Hair

    Avalon with straight hair.

    Hair: Due to Avalon being very fashionable her hair is styled in the best way possible. Avalon has long, firery red hair. It is usually in soft ringlets and

    Avalon with curly hair.

is very natural and bouncy. She has bangs that come

almost down to her eyes. Her hair is long and comes down to about mid back. On occasion, usually when trying to look "better", she straightens her hair, which is not as fitting for her kind of personality and because of that makes her look a bit worse.

Wardrobe: Avalon is very stylish and is always dressing in the latest fashion

Avalon's referre outfit.

. She is almost always wearing a cute blouse with a skirt and a belt or a dress. Her shoes are mostly either high heels or boots with heels. She very rarely wears pants of any kind. She accesories with ear rings and braclets.


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